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og both smiled. We whistled and cheered some more, and Carla dropped her skirt fell to the ground. The song ended and situated between Carla Del giggleing and I on the couch and shining with the effort. I put one of her breasts and leaned over and kissed the nipples erect and spring. Of followed my example and a very happy complained Carla, while taking orthat tit in the mouth. We are hands on Carla 's body, and when I took off my wet thong panties I knew Carla was a rooster broke. Carla raised her legs on the couch and let his knee was in us as her pussy is shown in all its glorious dazzling perfection. Carla had her tongue down the neck of Del, so he got up and decided that her love hole a little attention. This maneuver and I'm going to reveal my throbbing of 7 inches. Carla 's cock in hand, was similar in size maybe a little more, but not like mine thick. I dropped to my knees and started licking her pussy, she thus became he was having trouble swallowing her juices. Carla pulled his tail Dels mouth had a few strokes before he was ordered to strip. While doing this puts me on the couch and kissed and hugged Carla caressed my cock and balls, and whispered to the shit I want the Si... I nodded with approval. continued doing it againwn and Carla immediately grabbed his penis with your free hand and smiled and laughed when she masturbated them both. Carla Del took the throbbing cock head and began to lick and suck his penis and testicles. I had my f
Quotes ingers in and out of her pussy. She could not wait any longer and got up himself and was put on the waiting cock Del, she looked at me for approval duly issued and slid the length of wrinkles by pulling back her lips, as it descended. A gasp from both Carla Del and because they both shrugged "I said I had fsiblog a tight pussy," said Del I moaned his approval. The sight of my beautiful girlfriend jerking up and down Del 's cock was indescribable. My cock throbbed so much that it hurts, I played with one of her breasts and stroked her ass as she took it, flashed back and I realized I was about to arrive. Carla throgh your head back and bit her lower lip as she shuddered to an orgasm, panting and moaning at the same time. DHe threw his body fsiblog to follow suit and was pumping his hot sperm inside. I could not wait any longer and almost lifted the dripping cock Carla postioned behind her and slid on the slippery love hole. Carla said, bucking up and down and murming "Oh God, yes Yes - fuck me" I took her tits and pushed hard and fast I knew this was just a formality and feel of my cock in and out of my girlfriends pussy the sperm was lubricated by another good saying that I added to the volumes in less than 2 minutes while Carla had second, but less to orgasm. We lay on the couch, and then we took before Carla convicted three times over the next 4 hours. We fsiblog take turns while Carla blows and taking positions to adapt to change.


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I had worked with Carla for five years. At the age of 24 you know, it's very sexy. Carla has an impressive figure with pert 34C breasts and small size 8 figure, with blonde hair and perfect legs and a nice tight pussy. Carla was always looking for excitement and often speaks of a trio, making love. I asked, a detailed report of fsiblog what he would do a second man in the bed, as she pumped my cock in and out of it. I fsiblog always fsiblog thought the idea of ​​sharing half shaved pussy Carla with another man and you get the idea that another cock to share her tight pussy almost made me. One night we all went with my friend Del, I have known for years. He's shorter than me and one dark complexion. Carla had told him she thought it was cool once before, but we were all just friends and that was it! landed back at the home of Carla and I shared a little off. Carla had begun to lose all theirInhibitions and even flashed bra covered tits Ner a passing taxi driver to his home when he heard the horn. containing wine and music compilation tape, entered French kiss of life. Del and I asked Carla to dance to the music, she agreed and round and pushed her skirt body of our joy and jubilation. I sang show tits and to my surprise and delight Carla Del started stripping for us in a very sexy. Carla raised her small top keeps rotating away from us and unclipped her bra, she turned and took fsiblog her boobs fondled PERT charming and fsibl